Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you find my posts useful and interesting and find some answers that are logical and reasonable.

I am a Somalian journalist, political activist, human rights activist and I currently live in Denmark as political refugee.

I have a diploma of businesses Management and i am one of the first students in Imamu Nawawi Bosaso. I work as a freelance journalist, website developer and human rights defender. As an activist I always try to contribute to my community and bring positive changes. I am also passionate about supporting others and ensuring that everybody has the basic human rights. 

I always bring the true news about corruption of the Puntland governments and the conditions people in Somalia. Because of that I has been jailed for 6 months period and was sentenced to death, before Puntland court released me. The reason being me being an activist and journalist.

I met with poor treatment while in jail and sometimes physical punishment and mental abuse. I left my home town Bosaso 13th January 2011 and never went back. 

Now I  lives in Denmark and still tries to help those who I left behind whether they are still in jail or in hiding places, because of lack of human rights. People in Somalia don’t have that. 

But I still have a hope for my country and my people and I believe the only way that Somalia will grow is through educating people and making them a ware of their rights as humans. 

They can’t be silenced forever. 

As every human being is entitled to full range of human rights.

I will do my best to update my blog at least once a month!

If you wish to get to know more about me, just follow me on my social media profiles or contact me!

I am so glad you're here and thank you for being here .

E-Mail: Yusuf@yusufaliadam.com / Yusuf@journalist.com


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